Tell City Council TODAY what kind of home the City Market deserves!

City Council has a once-a-generation opportunity to shape the fabric of downtown Charlottesville with what could be the most important project since the creation of the Mall. Knowing the stakes, we urge City Council to be bold and visionary.

June 10, 2014

Dear Friends of the Market,


On Monday, June 16, City Council will make a fateful choice among four proposals for development of a permanent downtown home for the City Market.

Market Central endorses the two proposals that envision a two-block development with a dedicated central public plaza that will serve as the permanent home of the City Market. The central plaza will be owned or controlled by the City, which means public protections and accountability for the market. The plaza will be a public square, much like the Downtown Mall, when the market is not in session.

We endorse the design plans from WVS and Woodard Properties. Example renderings and full details available here.  

If you support a two-block solution with a central public plaza to serve as home for the City Market, as detailed in this letter to City Council here,  please sign our petition TODAY, so we may convey your support at a Market Central press conference on Friday. Thank you! 


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