Lynette Meynig of Family Ties and Pies


Lynette Meynig has worn many different hats throughout her life, but has loved baking since she was a little girl. The idea of transforming her then creative outlet into a successful business, however, came much later in life – after a husband and two kids.

Her first passion was dance. A New Yorker by birth, Lynette graduated from Butler with a dance degree and performed at the prestigious Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Dance is also how she met her husband Scott — in a Ballet Company in Kassel, Germany. Sounds3 like a fairytale? Hold on, it gets better.

After Lynette and Scott moved back to the United States, they established The Dancing Silk Company, a hand-painted silk business that led them to travel to trade shows scattered around the East Coast. Lynette credits contacts made during those grueling journeys to the reason they now call Charlottesville their home.

When her daughter was born, Lynette and Scott settled in Charlottesville, continued to operate their silk business, opened a store on The Corner, and threw pie making in the mix.

2Today, baking supports her “creative juices,” and has, through time, become a valuable educational tool for her children.

“I always look at the creative aspect of things,” she says.

A tireless and smart entrepreneur, Lynette knew her gourmet pies were delectable. Created from family recipes and “from cookbook recipes that I have tweaked,”  — and chock full of local ingredients — Lynette’s bestseller strawberry and rhubarb pie has become a staple of the Saturday city market.

Baked with no refined sugar, but with honey and maple syrup, the pies are not only delicious, but also healthy.

“I really want the fruit to speak for itself,” she says. “It is very gratifying, but it’s very labor intensive. I feel very successful doing this. I feel like I make really good pies and I really love to do this.”

The exposure and success of the city market has opened the door for many additional opportunities, one of which is the wedding circuit. Lynette has been working with local couples who have decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake and opted for a delicious Family Ties and Pies creation.

It’s the year of the pie,” she proclaims.4

When asked what the future holds for her business, Lynette doesn’t hesitate. “Expansion.” Will we see a Family Ties and Pies storefront around town? Stay tuned to find out.

Perhaps most gratifying is the fact that selling at the farmers market has engaged Lynette’s family in ways she never thought possible. “It really has brought the family together,” she says.

On her almost-nonexistent free time, Lynette enjoys playing tennis and teaching zero balancing – in which she is also certified – a healing practice.

“I am enjoying my life more now then I have ever enjoyed before,” she says.

Lynette is a positive force of nature, or as her husband put it, a soul “full of truth, courage and knowledge.”